On friday 21 August, we joined the debat table for the final Slow Repair Dialogue at Platform21/Amsterdam. Evening events have been taking place throughout  2009, featuring diverse local Slow activists, such as Ed van Hinte, Debra Solomon a.o. to stimulate the debate with the audience.

BoomWehmeyer was invited to be a guest speaker and debating with the group on topics like “Re-thinking Social Relationships” and new ways of implementing design in the communities and re-thinking core points that we as designers should implement in our practice. In this context we presented also our Re:wire project.

The schedule and topics are:

Friday 24 April: SLOW REPAIR > slowLab’s philosophy meets Platform21 = Repairing

Friday 29 May: SLOW CONSUMPTION > Re-imagining Material Interactions

Friday 19 June: SLOW TRANSITIONS > Rethinking Systems

Friday 21 August: SLOW COMMUNITIES > Renewing Social Relationships

This summer, Platform21’s Amsterdam exhibition space was dedicated to “Repairing”, a project that challenges our throwaway culture by celebrating the pleasure of mending things and the beauty of objects made unique by the repair process. SlowLab elected to expand debate through a series of ‘Slow Repair Dialogues’ to explore a more holistic re-think of consumption behaviors, to present Slow Design strategies for the enhancement of human relationships and ways of collaborating, and to expose the systemic ‘reparations’ that we believe are essential to viably transition to sustainability.

Through our Re:Wire project we gave insights how we re-think social relationships in our own practice and projects, how we re-imagine production ways and working with cross-cultural exchanges and collaborative communities. A nice group of people joined together and brought different expertise fields together,bringing out projects they work on and share ideas on strategies, initiatives for rethinking design and communities. We look forward speaking deeper with them and activating some new ways of working as a group.