The new year started with a new class series with Product Design students at Academie of Arts & Design in Arnhem. We started with an enthusiast group of students that are stepping in processes of mapping, research and personal development around the meaning of practices of change. We created a program around a Practice of Change, activating the students in researching and exploring how design can create a  more wholeness around us and what change can it inspire.

How can you, as future designer, create a design practice that engages in a relational well-being that inspires change through design/craftsmanship ? Designing to make a difference for others.This class series will be a journey to search for the meaning of making design for the world around you and explore your future practice be researching your perceptions, aspirations and surroundings. This semester will showcase your experimental thinking around this theme, by personal research on your own person and the meaning of your future practice and the design and ideation of objects that communicates this.