The collection Vitrified Variables is a series to bring porcelain into a new experience by using old techniques and unfolding the material quality by working with a hands-on evolution of material character and implementations. Through the use of folding a group of porcelain variables were created that unite in processes, strength and function.

We created the first collection of seating objects named ‘Qing Zuo’ in 2007 and ‘Porcelain Topographies’ in 2010. These series connect stools and benches with upholsteries made of all-white porcelain. Combining the material and holding technique allow the porcelain to vitrify into a new strength. From the ‚Square Fold‘ via the ‚Center Fold‘ to the intricate multiple folding of the ‚Big Fold‘ that was created from a five meter long slab, we created a family of variables. Before the fold, the porcelain is almost without dimension but by folding bridges new connections are created giving strength to the material. The fold allows a combination of accidental and natural processes coming together by the artists hand.

The collection contains 32 stools of porcelain, all in different colours such as celadon, yellow, Chinese green, celadon blue, transparant, yellow, silver and golden glazes. By the use of classic Chinese glazes and porcelain color experiments the variables of shapes emphasise the play with its hollow inside and solid outside world.

All sales go over Gallery Schuessler, Uhlandstraße 45,  Berlin, Germany

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