‘Is it possible to ensure sufficient, good, healthy and sustainable food for all mankind?’ This was the main question for the Milan Expo 2015.  The workshop ‘Food for life’ was focussed on the serious problems that lay ahead concerning food, waste, water, by humans all over the world. It is obvious that in the next 10 years it is not only up to designers to change the situation.  Students from the IED (Milan, Italy) and ArtEZ (Arnhem, The Netherlands) will work in an exchange project that will bring the Dutch students to Italy and present their first results during the Salone del Mobile 2013

We cannot stand at the sideline and hope that the governments and corporations will change the situation. They do not choose to rethink and reform the economical system in order to provide sustainable living system for us and our planet. Together with Arend Roelink from IED we worked towards 2015 Expo in Milan. This has led to the creation of Food For Life, a workshop originating from the collaboration between the Netherlands Embassy and General Consulate, IED Milano and the Dutch Academy of Art ArtEZ, dedicated to the research and development of new design concepts on environmental themes,  with the aim of understanding what the role of design in contemporary society could be, of stimulating the development of social design and preparing future generations of designers to think and design in a different way.

For 4 days groups of students worked together on  specific topics connected to the themes of water and food. The results have been displayed inside the OCA space – Officine Creative Ansaldo during the Fuorisalone. The display was part of Extrasmall, a design exhibition and workshop on the theme of self subsistence.
Workshop 5 – 8 April IED/ArtEZ ///// Presentation 10th April Ex Ansaldo ///// Via Tortona Milan during the Salone del Mobile 2013.