The Food for Thought program consisted out of design assignments that activate new tools such design thinking, collaboration and fieldwork, participants explored and build a design objects in search of their locality and practice. Discussions and local fieldwork will be led around the theme of food for thought interacting with local sources, skills and perspectives through making, exploring and foraging.

Throughout the program, knowledge and skills exchange have been brought into practice by the theme of Food for Thought, a theme to interact with the large functional ware industry connecting dynasties of tableware, VOC influences, evolution in food experiences, to local industry, roots and future needs and awareness around food. Participants were selected from a group of young Chinese design professionals.

This program emerged naturally from Studio BoomWehmeyer’s engagement and passion for working in China in the last 10 years. They have been created design projects here in collaboration with makers, thinkers, craftsmen and the academic realm in projects such as „Slow China“ and „Re- Wire“.