Judith gave a talk at Pratt Institute on Defining Identities and Craft Thinking Design Making. Judith explored the topic SLOW IDENTITY in this first in a series of Slow dialogues in NYC and will present ideas and methods from the ArtEZ Academy of Art and Design (Arnhem, the Netherlands), focusing on a forthcoming project, ‘Uncertainty Studios,’ in which product and interaction designers explore the unknown as a tool in the creation of new forms and perspectives. This lecture was held at the studio of Emily Fischer an ex-architect who works with textiles.

Together with  Martijn v Boven, head of Interaction, Judith and two PD / ID students, Amy and Iris were selected to come along and investigate with us. This project in a ongoing research into developing not only a strong future department but building the future of design education. Tuesday we drove to Bell Labs in New Jersey where we had a tour and presentation of the work and future of bell laboratories. Later the day we were at Pratt Institute gallery for the exhibition on Sleuthing the Mind. ( Inspired by neuroscience research on consciousness, attention, memory, and empathy, the art of Sleuthing the Mind stems from artist collaboration with neuroscientists, neuroscience writing and experiments, and training in related fields.) Wednesday we had a great meeting at the New York Times Research lab to talk about new developments.