There is a lot of on the plate for 2017 with a workperiod in April in China with Carola, Inge and students as also finalizing a ceramic collaboration.  Currently work and research are mixing with academic work brings a good network and oppertunity also for our students.

A design collaboration is going on with artist Yewen Dong and this series will round up around middle 2017.  Yewen and Judith met during the Food for Thought workshop in Jingdezhen in 2013 and work now on a project searching the meaning and definition of placeness, memory and its fabrics. More on this project in the new year. 

The last year have been very diverse with a lot of different projects and travels passing the agenda. Earlier in September and October she was in England for work collaborations and giving lectures at academic partners in London and Falmouth. The academic year has started full on and a new season starts building up towards the Finals 2016. Judith has been working with focus on the department and was earlier in Tokyo, Japan, for the ArtEZ Transition research project with Graphic, Interaction and Product Design students. 

In 2016 we started exploring through thinking, making the notion of THIN SPACES. This studio work is solely documented through writing, photography and space / exterior making on a new website Thin Spaces. The website BoomWehmeyer focus will stay on object/porcelain making.