In April 2017 we have been organising Dusthack, a  hands-on studio workshop in Jingdezhen, China. The work experience was focussed on re-thinking, re-doing and re-searching into the past present and future of porcelain clay. 

Together with a group of 10 participants we went through a full program of working in the studio and sight visits lead towards creating of new work and insights.

When we look at clay it might just be dust: the fine, dry powder consisting of tiny particles of heart and hacking might be characterised as ‘an appropriate act of cleverness’. Whether the results if a quick-and-dirty jo or a carefully crated work, you should be able to trace the originality that went into it. DUSTHACK is not about mastering the original but stepping beyond. The workperiod Dusthack brings together cleverness, boldness and new approaches where participant are being exposed to a variety of skills and cultural context of clay. 

Work will be partially shown at the Dutch Design Week 2017 showcase of the Product Design ArtEZ department.

Workshop development in collaboration with Carola Zee !