With the collaboration in the Royal Delft factory the conceptual work of Dutch Disturbance could be made visual and tangible. This collection become a strong visual decor referring and rebelling with the roots of the Delft Blue heritage.

Dutch Disturbance is about questioning the reason and rational of our Dutch identity, and how stigmatised our culture in a more individualistic society. Society is changing fast and what does it being Dutch within that transformation? What forms a Dutch identity, heritage ? I believe design is about communicating and triggering people to think different and pauze for a moment. Standing still with a state of mind that has no restrictions. The choice for using a cultural notion in my work was important to allow myself to position my work approaches from story to forms. In the Netherlands there’s has been created a successful platform for Dutch Design, but I think it’s time to have a new path in this way of working. By means of reframing and seeing what design could be.

The collection exists out of different figurative and porcelain objects and have been featured, sold and exhibited in The Netherlands, England, Germany, Canada and USA.

With thanks to the Porceleyne Fles in Delft.