This website functions as archive for physical objects, making and academic processes.

Working together with a variety of  partners, academies and institutes studio BoomWehmeyer explores different perspectives around society, culture and craftsmanship. The studio work stems from an active mentality to work together on the expanding consciousness and roles of designers in today’s rapidly transforming, technological, social and cultural landscape. Many projects are grounded in research and maker-ship as core ingredient in their activities.  Studio BoomWehmeyer work has been featured international in books and exhibitions, such as a solo exhibition at Future Perfect in Brooklyn, New York in 2006, the  Shanghai Design Week 2010, the DesignMiami/Basel by Gallery Karena Schuessler 2012, the London Design Festival 2011 and many others.

Judith Wehmeyer works as designer, educator and researcher and finished her Master at the Royal College of Art in London (UK). She has been working over 10 years in China and held the studio for many years from Shanghai and Jingdezhen. Beside the studio practice, Judith is Head of the Product Design department at ArtEZ Academy Arnhem, the Netherlands. With the department Judith her focus is on transformation and identity of the department, building towards a new generation by design. Harvesting from the history of a high quality makers generation and applying new societal / critical approaches and methods of working to transform design education.

She has also has been part of the board of slowLab, an int. research platform for Slow knowledge in design thinking and practice. Pushing forward the discourse around a new mentality towards design processes and approaches. Her activism and discourse in design have brought work in a wide context of cultures and collaborations.

In 2016 Judith and Gunter started exploring through research and collaborative work within Department of Wilderness, a new grounded studio to develop a broader context for research and int. collaborations.

The website BoomWehmeyer is archive on object / porcelain making.


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STUDIO BoomWehmeyer, The Netherlands