2020 BoisBuchet, Design Residency, Lessac, FR

2019 Design Inquiry, Portland, ME, USA
2019 UFO Drift, LDF, London
2019 Cove Design Research, Scotland
2019 State of Unsettlement, publication, NL/UK
2019 Kyoto Design Lab, Examiner Masters, JP
2018 Collaboration project workshop Emily Luce, Vancouver Island, CAN
2018 External Assessor, MMU/FCUC, Kuala Lumpur, MY
2018 State of Unsettlement, UK/NL, support Stimuleringsfonds
2018 Presentations, MMU Manchester 
2018 Presentation Trespassers, Central Saint Martins, London.
2017 Presentation Conference Making Futures i.c.w Fabrizio Cocchiarella
2017 Fieldworks workshop, China
2017 Biodesign Challenge, NYC, USA
2016 Art Research Congres, ArtEZ University of the Arts
2016 Thin Spaces research, Pomona UK
2016 Lecture Falmouth academy, department
2015 Lecture university NYC / DefiningCurrency
2015 Falmouth university UK:  CraftThinkingDesignMaking
2014 Pratt Institute NYC Lecture Slow Identities slowLab
2014 Future of the Lab product/interaction
2014 Gathering exhibition, porcelain, Holon Design Museum Israel
2013 Made.Create.Cradle, Food for Thought, design research program China
2013 Design workshop, Crafting Peace, IVS, Karachi, Pakistan
2013 Food for Life, IED+Artez Milan
2013 Connecting the Dots, interview China work
2013 Student research class Artez academy Arnhem
2013 Lecture, Designing Consciousness, Rotterdam Art Week
2012 Hands’on Dutch Design in the 21st century, Book by WS publishers.
2012 Book, Dutch Design in China, overview of our studio
2012 Lecture, CraftThinkingDesignMaking, on , JDZ China.
2012 Basic Instincts, Premsela, group show fashion/ design.
2012 Solo exhibition, collection Vitrified Variables, gallery Schuessler.
2012 Workshop, Prescribe Wholeness, design tools in the hospital.
2011 Workshop, summer school project met USA Viriginia design school.
2011 Design Miami/Basel, Schuessler gallery Porcelain Topographies.
2011 Presentation, academy ‘Real materials, Real you’ , Toronto CAN.
2010 Craft and the Slow Revolution, touring show Craftspace UK.
2010 Lecture, ‘Moving beyond your borders’ with design students, China.
2009 Lecture, Premsela Re-imagining communities, speaker a Repair talks.
2009 European Talents, Design House, by Lidewij Edelkoort.
2009 Airmail, Parallel Projects, GOODD gallery.
2009 Book Design Activism by Alastair Fuad-Luke, published Earthscan
2009 Constant Stream, China Now programma, Beijing Today Art museum.
2009 Workshop, USA, students, Oberlin academy Ohio @ Lloyd hotel.
2008 Work project, Social sustainable Light Project
2007 Solo expositie Dutch Disturbance USA ,The Future Perfect, Design Store
2007 Designersblock, 100% design. Collaboration, Tokyo
2007 Lezing, Presentation project, host Mattmo Dutch Room in Creative China.


2014 ISSUUE Visite deco, Vitrified Gold
2013 DAMn, edition featuring Vitrified Variables
2013 Elle decoration, collection Vitrified Variables
2012 Vogue Germany, collection Vitrified Variables
2012 Surface Asia, collection ReMark
2012 Volkskrant newspaper, interview on designers  in Asia
2012 Woonideen magazine, collection ReMark
2012 Book, Dutch Design in China, overview of our studio
2012 AD magazine, Schuessler gallery featuring Porcelain Topographies
2012 AL_DE architecture magazine, making of Porcelain Topographies
2011 Book, Hand’s on Dutch Design in the 21st century, wsbooks
2011 Elle Decoration, collection Porcelain Topographies February.
2011 Sleek magazine, Porcelain Topographies, Hard & Soft
2010  Ceramic review, Porcelain Topographies PDF (378 KB)
2010  Taking Time booklet exhibition City Fabric PDF (658 KB)
2010  Soma magazine, Knotted series , december
2010  Form article, The Making of Porcelain Topographies PDF (2,5 MB)
2010  Casa Arbitaire China, Porcelain Topographies
2010  DAMn, edition 26 featuring Porcelain Topographies
2010  Form . Bruch mit Traditions, ceramics, may
2010  Annabelle homestyle, Qing Zuo porcelain stools, Swiss april
2010  Wohnrevue, Reposed light, swiss, March
2010  Annabelle homestyle, Plates series , Swiss, january
2009  Elle decor, Qing Zuo, china, December
2009  Loft life, Qing Zuo stools, October
2009  House & Leisure, Reposed Lights, AF , October
2009  Book Design Activism by Alastair Fuad-Luke, published Earthscan
2009  Book The independent design guide Thames & Hudson
2009  Glamour magazine, Reposed Lights, Italy , July
2009  Home & Interior, Reposed Lights,  May
2008 The best of Design NL, Article on BoomWehmeyer in China PDF (2,5 MB)
2008  TimeOut China, magazine covering Qing Zuo Seats. October
2008  Lifestyle guide “Ya Pokupayu” Qing Zuo Seats, September edition, Russia
2008  Elle Decor,South Africa, April edition featuring Farmgirls.
2008  Australian Financial Review, AFR magazine covering Qing Zuo Seats. July
2008  PLAN, The art of Architecture and Design, Ireland Qing Zuo Seats July
2008  DAMn 17 featuring China work trip in text/photography PDF (1,2 MB)
2008  Book Fragiles featuring China work 2006, ISBN: 978-3-89955-208-9
2008  Hands & Minds. Connecting China a visual dialogue of BW work
2007  CLEAR magazine (USA) interview about Dutch heritage May
2007  Viva magazine – young Dutch designers edition June
2007  Product Design Diversity , book published by OPA/ArtEZ Press
2007  AD design magazine (SP) featuring Disturbed Lamp, April
2007  MUOTO design magazine (FIN) interview February
2007  OJE newspaper (POR), design issue January
2007  ITEMS  magazine (NL) interview China, January
2006  EH&I  design NL page, interview, December
2006  ICON design magazine (UK), interview china, December
2006  FLAUNT magazine, (USA) Dutch+China works, October
2006  LE design magazine (RUS), review collection, June
2006  VT Wonen, Dutch lifestyle magazine, Farmgirls
2006  Newspaper Kontakt (dutch) review new collection,
2006  DAMn , Number 6 Belgium
2006  HOUSE & LEISURE  Capetown, South Africa, March
2006  O’INDEPENDENTE (POR), lifestyle issue February
2006  BLEND (NL) lifestyle magazine, February.
2006  Publication Dutch Column China experience
2005  ICON (UK) design magazine, issue 29 November
2005  SPITS (NL) newspaper, 9-11 , interview about China works

2015 Fetishism, Trapholt Musem, Kolding, Denmark
2014 Dust,Dialogue & Uncertainty, slowLab, Pratt , NYC
2014 Gathering, Holon design museum, Israel
2013 Food for Thought design program,China
2013 Connecting the Dots, interview China work
2013 Design workshop Crafting Peace, IVS, Karachi, Pakistan
2013 Lecture, Designing Consciousness, Rotterdam Art Week
2012 Fair Trade Design, gallery Zelhem with collection ReMark
2012  Cologne Art Fair Karena Schuessler gallery Vitrified Variables
2012 Karena Schuessler gallery  solo exhibition Vitrified Variables Berlin DE
2012 Basic Instincts, Dutch Design Premsela exhibition, Arnhem NL
2012 ReFound, exhibition Agora PLATform Berli
2012 Hard Arnhem, group show with ceramic designers, Arnhem NL
2011  Cologne Art Fair Karena Schuessler gallery, Cologne DE
2011  Basic Instincts, Dutch Design Premsela exhibition, Berlin DE
2011  DesignMiami/Basel, Karena Schuessler gallery  June Basel SW
2011  Geneve, design ceramics biennale, gallery collection October Geneve SW
2010  Cologne Art Fair with Karena Schuessler gallery Porcelain Topographies
2010  Camard Art deco ceramics auction, October Paris, FR,
2010  Topographies at Karena Schuessler gallery, September Berlin,DE
2010  Exhibition Gallery Helenbeck, group show September Paris, FR
2010  Exhibition 10 years Via Milano, New Dutch Design, Amsterdam, NL
2010  Craft and the Slow Revolution, Craftspace, October, UK
2009  Nature , Commissaires, Pierre Laramee Montréal Quebec, CAN

2009  Non-Object_ive  by Marek Cecula at Lodz design festival, October Pole

2009  London Design Week, Airmail, ‘Bringing lightness to everyday Objects’  at IDEA Generation Gallery, 23-27/9 London UK

2009  Constant Stream, Exhibition RCA connected to China Now program, September Beijing Today Art museum, PRC

2009  Constant Stream, Exhibition RCA connected to China Now program, 22/30 July Hong Kong Arts centre HK

2009  Gallery opening by Karena Schuessler incl. Qing Zuo chairs. May, Berlin DE

2009  ‘Airmail’ design exhibition by Parallel Projects, GOODD gallery, May Glasgow, UK

2009  Talent Milan Designhuis, Spazio Rossana Orlandi, Milan design week 22-26 April, Milan, IT

2009  Ceramic Product Design, CBKG exhibition with diverse product designers in Apeldoorn, NL

2009  Ceramic Product Design, CBKG exhibition with diverse product designers in Arnhem,  NL

2008  European Talents ‘Qing Zuo seats’ at Designhuis, Lidewij Edelkoort @ Eindhoven,NL

2008  Slow Loket by slowLab, Presentation work Qing Zuo & social China work Amsterdam NL

2008  Exhibition New Designers Islington, 3 to 10 July, London, UK

2008  SHOW 1, Qing Zuo ceramic seats work, RCA, 30 May to 8 June ,London UK

2008  Constant Stream China,  CHINA NOW program RCA, disciplines of design, architecture and art. 10-15 May, London, UK

2007  Work In Progress, Royal Collage of Art, 29 November – 9 December, London, UK

2007  Leighton House, Floor Motion, September, London UK

2007  Boom&Friends, new work @ gallery Legiokunst, 1 April- 23 May, Tilburg NL

2007  Curator show, group ceramics CBKG  11/January-18/February, Arnhem, NL

2006  Part of China collection – Designshop Thorsten von Elten, Warrenstreet London

2006  Designersblock project (GER) 100% LOVE 100% design – 31/10 – 05/11, Tokyo JP

2006  Designersblock  collection  China /  Design week, 24 –30 August, Frankfurt GER

2006  Via Milano organization – Dutch Design, June/July, Berlin, GER

2006  Trots, collection of Arnhem Design, June, Tilburg NL,

2006  RAM Gallery, Opening new China  collection, May,  Leerdam NL

2006  Blooming Hats and more, Design manifest, 23 March/ 9 May, NL

2005  C2 Gallery 2nd Floor, Shanghai 02-28 November, Dutch Farmgirls, PRC

2005  Items Exhibition  week of design, October, Eindhoven NL

2005  Via Milano, De Woonbeurs fair, 26 September- 2 October, Amsterdam NL

2005  Designersblock London show, 100% design week, 22 –26 September, London UK

2005  The Future Perfect, Design Store, Brooklyn, NYC solo Dutch Disturbance

2005  Designersblock Frankfurt Messe (GER) 27 – 30 August Project- Dutch Disturbance.

2005  Strand NL, Designstore – sale & exhibition  Farmgirl, July, Utrecht NL

2005  Royal Delft Museum, Delft (NL) 1-20 July working on production Dutch Disturbance

2005  Design, quést-ce que cést ? Academy of Art&Design 24 June- 6 July, Arnhem

2005  Museum of Modern Art – Made In Arnhem exhibition, 1-20 June Arnhem NL

2005  CBKG – Cattlevase – Holy cow, 1-20 April ,Arnhem NL

2005  Salone Satelite International – Farmgirl – Holy cow/ Milan Furniture Fair.