The collection is made in collaboration with Delft Blue company the Porceleyne Fles in Delft, NL.  In collaboration plaster moulds and heritage objects from the company storage have been used to rebuild the iconic pieces, transforming the language towards rethinking Dutch heritage.

Dutch Disturbance is a collection about a redefinition of Dutch identity, and how people lose contact with their roots in an individualistic society. In a fast changing, multicultural society, the collection inquires: “How do we keep our Dutch identity, our heritage and our traditional values of life? Not by wearing wooden shoes, eating hearing, and living in a windmill. These clichés are no longer representing our Dutch way of living, and maybe never did.” 

The collection has been produced and exhibited widely and exists out of  a variety of  figurative ceramics objects.  Dutch Disturbance had a presentation in a solo exhibition at Future Perfect in New York in 2006 as also showcased in the Milan design week.