Made.Create.Cradle is workshop initiated by BoomWehmeyer, based from Jingdezhen. This program was created from working in the porcelain city Jingdezhen for the last years in collaborating with the old & young makers in Jingdezhen. Through this sharing of enthusiasm and skills, discussing and collaborating ideas with the creative generation in China and the changing porcelain context in Jingdezhen.

„How is the creative generation of designers-makers shaping in China and can we change perspectives from Made to Cradle, a place where there is time and experiment to grow quality through creative (design) thinking and making ? “

The Made.Create.Cradle program developed from the experience that learning programs can have valuable impact. Through taking time, seeds can laid out for a creative practice who can experiment and form perspectives. The program was created through a cradle model, meaning to grow a program by being a platform for others to foster and enable their designer-maker aspirations.  The word cradle represent here a nourishing and taking time to enable growth and find its creative identity. 

„But how are the old masters and next generation creatives growing together?“

This serie Made.Create.Cradle was of value in co-creating with the new generation, to stimulate and to cradle. Bridging and sharing thoughts, perspectives, topics, markets, creating and future practices in China. To plant design seeds together that inspire a change in creative minds and new practices. Not merely by creating the plate to eat from, but developing food for thought, a conversation piece to rethink the creative paths influencing the practice of design.