Researching the meaning and values of the connected hospital and Mutterhaus raised us with the question what this place of health and healing is and how our design practice can contribute and open new dialogues for a new awareness, consciousness and living a healthy and sustainable way. “How can not only the design practice but even more a hospital and centre of health be a place to send out a new different impuls?!“

The start conversation about the place, purpose and future of the Mutterhaus stimulated and connected a lot of ideas on the role and belonging around this. The project was in collaboration with Gunter Wehmeyer.

When you connect design-practice and health-practice together you establish a new “body – mind” like connection. In this connection takes the Mutterhaus a spiritual ministerial role, something we call “designing for consciousness”. We experienced the Mutterhaus as a foundation to the body/mind connection by being the soul in the local ecology. A part of piece of the human body that needs a place to belong, imagine and dream to be able to live humane for themselves and influence their localities.

As design practice we know the importance of practicing, learning by doing and activating explorations and see the significance of creating our impulses from the place of practice. To stimulate a pulse for new thinking and new ways of living we opened the opportunity of redefining a place of growth locally and creating a place that gives the Mutterhaus their role back in a contemporary and redefined way, a place that pulsates into the locality, into the hospital and into the future. A pulse creating the synergetic rhythm to create life, breath, innovation and relations to create a place for purposeful driven life.

We worked on the strategy and activation plan to build up a creative/design centre as a place to activate and connect an awareness with the local needs and imagination and alternatives for purposeful living. Building up a place with multiple functions embodying the body (körper) and allow practical research programs and a hand’s on laboratory to expand the soul in its locality to activate, encourage and share different perspectives in its social and local environment and visiting public. Celebrating the service of giving, sharing and building up together a different and purposeful locality.