Nightstudio is a collaborative project together with Emily Luce (CAN), the shared research in Night Studio developed through a conversation/exchange of working with and observing undetected processes. Nightstudio collaboration is a tool to accelerate mistakes / decisions / course correction — work quickens because there is more awareness which helps hone in on most appropriate response efficiently. Emily and Judith develop different bodies of work through the practice of improvisation and responsiveness to work effectively with dynamic changing situations and locations.

Body One : Over the Canoe, is screen-print exerimental research developed at Squeegeerama in Wachiay studio in Courtenay, Vancouver Island. Over The Canoe is a term used in folding cloth over a canoe to create a shelter for protection, this approach of improvisation on location and making use of existing forms was the the base of the workshop. Through screen-print, modelling and experimental use of screens a series of folds have been created that investigate shape and quest of objects in space

Insisting that a design practice should take notice and respond to the uniqueness of every moment, Nightstudio uses the prosperity of presence, a wealth of ideas, opportunities, scenario’s emerging from every moment; design should be expanding and acting upon this. Developing potential research and design through making, engaging the physical process to create evidence of our efforts (a trail) and to honestly and physically engage the environmental implications of using materials in process-oriented work (failures, waste, storage) resulted in Body One.