We are very excited about the new collection of  Vitrified Variables that will be visible at Karena Schuessler Gallery in Berlin. The Vernissag / Opening was 21 September and filled a great evening  with audience and conversations to explore the new collection.

The porcelain exhibition pieces weave uniquely varied layers of BoomWehmeyer’s art practice into a family of functional variables juxtaposed with its delicate porcelain foldings. Judith created the first collection of seating objects named ‚Qing Zuo’ in 2007 and ‚Porcelain Topographies‘ in 2010. This series comprised stools and benches with ‚upholsteries‘ made of all-white porcelain that resembled cushions or draped blankets. She crafted these elements using an old method of pressing malleable clay slabs into moulds and filling the internal space with a structure of small cells. After applying the glaze and firing in large kilns, these seats are robust enough to sit on them.

BoomWehmeyer developed concepts of folding the material and showing the techniques that allow the porcelain to vitrify a new strength. From the ‚Square Fold‘ via the ‚Center Fold‘ to the intricate multiple folding of the ‚Big Fold‘ that was created from a five meter long slab, she created a family of variables. Before the fold, the porcelain is almost without dimension but by folding bridges new connections are created giving strength to the material. The fold allows a combination of accidental and natural processes coming together by the artists hand.
The work is exclusive made for the Gallery Schuessler. It’s been a collaboration of hard work between ourselves, our hands-on work in China & Netherlands, Karena Schuessler gallery and a great team of people and organizations who participated to realize this collection. Come and experience this amazing journey of working with the expanding possibilities in usage of this porcelain material.
Gallery Schuessler, Uhlandstraße 45,  Berlin, Germany