This last season had been very busy with a mix of academic work and studio practice. Judith was part of leading a research trip in Tokyo with Transition, a developing collaboration between Product Design and Interaction Design ArtEZ visiting studio’s and hosting a workshop on location. The research is formed a new alliance in order to map and investigate tomorrow’s work fields. Earlier in this season Judith was in England for workshop facilitation and lectures at academic partners in London at CSM and Falmouth university speaking about Design Currency and developing new tools for design and collaborative research.

Also a new design collaboration is in progress with artist Yewen Dong and a new series of porcelain. Yewen and Judith met during the Food for Thought workshop in Jingdezhen in 2013 and work now on a project searching the meaning and definition of placeness, memory and its fabrics. There is a lot of on the plate for 2016 but we are very glad to have some design projects and research mixing with design education and building towards some interesting perspectives.